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There are no hard and fast rules for hobby chicken keeping, no minimum or maximum, just remember a chickens nature and cater for it... generously!

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Free Range Purebred Chickens

The same utility fowl are bred each year...

These birds are excellent layers and the cockerels make great table birds.

Along with the reliable utility breeds, each year, other breeds are sometimes changed, some are dropped and others are added...

Large fowl:


Next year's new additions are growing birds at the moment. The ducks are cleaning any slugs etc from the pasture. They grace the runs as they complete their growing and developing during the next couple of months. Their health, their appearance and their suitability for breeding stock is observed and considered as they develop.

Breeding is for utility rather than for show.

Breed standards are maintained and strains which have proved to be excellent egg layers and / or grow into good sized meaty fowl. These attributes are combined in dual-purpose birds so that the pullets can be grown on for eggs while the cockerels can be fattened for the table.


Fresh Free Range Eggs

What a difference...